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The perfect duo: Mateus and Sammy

"Turning Moments into Eternal Memories"

"Capturing moments of love and happiness, we present to you the talented couple of photographers Mateus Josan and Sammy Lopes. Together, they bring a perfect combination of creativity, sensitivity and technique, ready to transform your special moments into eternal memories.

With a keen eye and a passion for the art of photography, Mateus, Sammy and their team have the gift of capturing the essence of every moment, from the intimate and romantic moments to the contagious energy of social events. Their relaxed and friendly approach creates a comfortable environment, allowing you to feel at ease in front of the lens.

From the wedding of your dreams to a stylish pre-debut session, Mateus and Sammy have the ability to tell unique and emotional stories through their photographs and films directed by them. Each shot is carefully thought out and masterfully executed, resulting in images that overflow with emotion and authenticity.

Don't settle for ordinary photographs. Allow Mateus Josan and Sammy Lopes to transform your special moments into true works of art. With them, every click is an opportunity to immortalize magical moments and create precious memories that will last forever.

So if you're looking for passionate, dedicated and talented photographers to make your moments unforgettable, look no further. They are ready to immortalize your story with images that will thrill and delight. Give yourself to their lens and allow them to create photographs that will capture the unique essence of your love."


We are extremely proud to announce that we have been awarded the prestigious Top of Mind Quality Brazil 2023 Award in three categories: Best Photography, Excellence in Service and Customer Trust in our brand. We thank everyone who made this achievement possible.  You are our motivation to continue evolving and dedicating ourselves to offering the best in photography and customer service.

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